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Summertime Hazards


Summertime is here!

Summers can be especially hot in San Diego and Poway and this means new hazards to watch out for with your pets.

Paw Safety 

If it is hot outside and you are planning to walk your dog place your palm on the asphalt, sand or surface your dog will be walking on.  If you can not keep your palm on the surface for seven seconds comfortably the surface is too hot for your dog to walk on.  Plan you walk for late or early in the day or change the location to a shady park.  If you have to walk your dog on asphalt invest in booties to protection your pets feet.

Car Safety

Don't leave your pet in the car during the summer.  Temperatures rise quickly in an enclosed car and heatstroke is a concen.  If you are visiting us with your pet we are always happy to hold onto your pet while you are checking out or to check you out in an exam room if your pet is stressed by other animals.  Please do not leave your pet in the car unless the air conditioning in on and running.

Water activities

We love taking our dogs to the beach, lake or out on a boat with us!  However not every dog will enjoy this activities and it is important to be prepared.  Life jackets are a wise investment if you take your dogs regularly into the water.  Its also important to bring water for your pet.  Many lakes and streams are not safe for pets to drink from and if your dog drinks lots of salt water at the beach they will vomit it back up.  Currents, riptides, and rapids are just as much a risk to your dog as they are to you, make sure the area is safe before you let your pet go swimming.  Consider your dog to be a small child they should only be allowed in the water under supervision and make sure you or someone you are with is able to go help them if they get into trouble or start swimming to far from shore.  


Heatstroke is very dangerous in pets and immediate veterinarian care is recommended if you think your pet has heatstroke.   Short nose dogs such as french bulldogs, bulldogs, pugs, boston terriers and older dogs are particularly at risk for this condition.  If you have a high risk dog make sure your pet has access to plenty of water and they have a cool temperature controlled area to rest in.  Plan and limit your exercise in the summer months.  Go for walks early or late in the day and if think it is too hot outside entertain your dog with a training session inside the house, playing hide and go seek or various other ways of mental stimulation.

If you have any questions or concerns about your pets safety please feel free to contact us at 858-748-3326

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